An Encounter with Prayer


A thought overtook me the other day. What if I looked at every person as a Prayer? I was not sure what this meant, or why it dropped on me like a rock out of the sky, but it did.

Hmmm? Every person as a Prayer?

My encounter with Prayer can be loud or quiet.

My encounter with Prayer can be long or short.

My encounter with Prayer can be with many languages.

My encounter with Prayer can be found in light or dark places.

My encounter with Prayer can be alone or in a group.

My encounter with Prayer can be loving or angry.

My encounter with Prayer can be happy or sad.

My encounter with Prayer brings with it expectations and hope.

My encounter with Prayer is giving and taking.

My encounter with Prayer brings questions and answers.

My encounter with Prayer brings vulnerability.

My encounter with Prayer brings both peace and sometimes more angst.

I cannot rush you Prayer.  I cannot ignore you.

I close my eyes and see you and know that God has set a Prayer in my path. It is up to me to decide how to treat you.

This is not the end. I am still pondering this thought, trying to get my head around it, and soak in what God wants this to mean for me. Or, what it might mean for other people. I do know that whoever reads this will have their own interpretation, which will not match mine, nor should it. Therefore, let this thought be your own and find your own meaning with it.

Peace & Frogs,


Oh the Possibilities


From my last post you know I have chosen a purposeful for me word resolution for 2015. My main word of focus, authenticity, and discovery for this year is “Maybe”. You will have to chose and discover your own word(s), but until then feel free to live vicariously through this blog.

In thinking and journaling about “maybe”, it is a more positive word than I first thought. The word “maybe” lives as both an adverb and a noun so I have a lot of opportunities with this word this year.

  • Maybe as an adverb: possibly but not certainly (Webster). I love this definition.
  • Maybe as a noun: something that is not known for certain (Webster). This definition screams discovery.

And the best part of “maybe” is the synonyms: conceivably, perhaps, mayhap, perchance, possibly.

It is conceivable that I will quite possibly have the best year of my life, lest perchance I do not stay focused and open to the shifts of life.

“Maybe” can shut a door, open a door, or leave it slightly ajar. The great thing is is that the decision is mine. In conclusion of this evening I will share this nice little quote I stumbled upon in celebration of my word “maybe”.

“Someday we will find what we are looking for. Or maybe we won’t. Maybe we will find something much greater than that.” (author not listed)

Peace & Frogs

Word up 2015


2015 Word(s) of the Year

A few years ago I came across a website which gave some great insight on starting the new year. ( Instead of deciding upon “resolutions” for the new year, which of course would fall by the wayside, how about choosing a “word”?  A word has so much power in our lives and over our lives. It is also one of the things in life that we can create, and which can change our lives and the lives of others in a split second based on how we use it.
Check out the website for all the details and guide for realizing your word. For me, I am going to use this platform to not only share how my word(s) will impact my year, but how the awareness of a word or words in general can impact a thought and/or a moment.

So far my words are: Maybe and Relationships. (no pun)

Since my decision to blog about my words through this year I have realized two more words that I like because they roll beautifully off the tongue: Delicious, and Manifesto. I will talk about those in a later post.

Let me get back to my first original word though, “maybe”, and how I chose it. I allowed 2014 to become very stressful for me. Due to some earlier relational problems and failures I purposefully immersed myself into a lot of activity just to try and make all the sadness and frustration go away. As the end of 2014 started drawing near I realized that immersing myself in more stuff only compacted the stress. So as the holidays came speeding into reality I took a step back and decided that I would not allow anymore stress into my life, and I vowed to not commit ahead of time to any activities. Being a natural introvert I tend to commit early to help someone or attend an event, only to dread that decision as it draws closer. Beginning December 1, 2014 my response to most invitations where applicable, was “maybe”. I am excited to say that that response worked so well that I knew I had to continue it in 2015. Wa-la, that is how I arrived at my first authentic word for 2015.

As for the word “relationship” that has more to do with my work responsibilities. I am in a new role where I work, and building relationships with political figures is paramount. Did I mention that I am an introvert? This will be a forced challenge in 2015, but one that I am going to try hard to fulfill, because I know it will be rewarding for many reasons. More on that as the year continues.

I hope you find your words this year and that you are careful in creating them and using them to communicate and listen to others. Good Luck!

Happy New Year (Maybe. Maybe Happy. Maybe Fantastic)

It Only Takes a Moment


I always find it interesting to observe people’s reaction to bad news, in this case the death of Actor Robin Williams. I am sure a large majority of us, more than most may think, have pondered the thought of suicide, even if only for a moment.

The comments thus far about Robin Williams’s death have been negative from some and fortunately uplifting from many. Sometimes necessary thoughts start churning in your mind and they are meant to come out so they can be free and peace can flow.

For those who have been negative and judgmental about what suicide is or is not, or how life should or should not be, my prayer is that may anyone contemplating suicide never seek solace in you as a friend. We need to be better listeners, and less advice givers. We all fall short…….

I read a quote one time that sums up how our relationships should be with one another,

“We are not put on this earth to see through people. We are put here to see people through.”

I am thankful everyday for the unconditional love that has been extended to me throughout my life. Thank you my unconditional loving family and friends. Tonight my necessary thoughts needed to escape.


[Suicide Hotline:  or call 1-800-273-8255]





Sorry all! I took a small detour so that I could try to get my head around a new career role. Detours can be interesting in that you are not always sure where you might end up, or what you might find. I have received more definite clarification in the fact that most things, ideas, and people, are never quite what they seem. I have also learned that if you are not in a leadership role you are more isolated and sheltered than what you think. I really did think I new what my predecessor was doing all those years. Really I did! I didn’t!!! It was only a glimmer.

Finding anyone person that you can truly trust and is a true confidant has also required a detour. However, one bonus of being an introvert is that the fact its lonely at the top is actually appreciated.:)

The moral of this random thought is that:

  • Detours should be expected
  • Look for the signs
  • The detour will not always be shorter so appreciate scenery
  • Prepare for Plan B if the detour takes you somewhere different from what you thought
  • You basically never really know where the next turn may take you


Peace & Frogs





Everything we need to know we can find out by searching the Internet.



It does crack me up that when you are having a conversation with some one, particularly one that involves some level of debate, if you question the other party far enough in how they came to their choice of reason, most often they say they read it on the internet. I was talking to one of my friends the other day about some childhood memories of riding the school bus, when, it suddenly occurred to me that prior to the internet, or any thoughts thereof, we had the school bus.

Riding the school bus was like “living” the internet! OMG! We were the Internet!

Whatever crazy, off-the-wall question you had, or inquisition into anything remotely to do with sex, drugs or rock-n-roll you could get the answer on the school bus. The other point of how riding the school bus is like the internet, is that even if you did not want to know something, it was going to be shoved in front of your face regardless.

You know, like, Johnny’s pants being pulled down.

Or, Terry Lee eating chewing gum of the floor.

Or, Quiet Riot heavy metal music being blasted in your ear.

Or, the tongue twisting going on the back seat by the latest couple that wasn’t fighting……….and the list goes on.

I do, though, feel like I  learned some credible information on the school bus. Such as the smart girls sharing their Spanish vocabulary words. Or the latest classic literature,  and specific famous lines. I too was able to catch up on some good reading while trying to ignore the wealth of information being overshared from the back.

I was also able to determine what not to do, which has not only brought some good laughs and memories, but has also helped me appreciate the fear my parents put into me if I had participated in any googling of sorts.

So if any kids are reading this blog, know that when your parents or guardians are blocking certain Internet options for you, they are actually doing you a favor.

However, I will provide a contradiction here, and say that if you are blocked from the Internet, and you just have a burning question that want an answer to, catch a ride on the school bus. It will have the same effect.

Peace & Frogs


Economy Even Effecting the Bugs


I was driving down the interstate the other day, and passed a very small car. On the side of the driver’s side door was a sign. I assume it was a business sign, as it read, “Economy Exterminator”.  I literally laughed out loud as I thought to myself, “What does that mean exactly?” “Economy Exterminator?”.

Do they only exterminate a few rooms in your home/business/space?

Do they only exterminate a portion of the insects/critters that they see?

Do they only exterminate the body and leave the legs?

Do they dilute the exterminating mixture so it knocks out the insect/critters for a short time, while they sweep and bag them and take them elsewhere?

Either way, if the answer to any of these questions is, “Yes!”. I will pony up the extra money and go for the “We Exterminate it All” payment.

Peace & Frogs,


P.S. This one may have me perplexed and questioning for awhile, “Economy Exterminating”………:)

Did you Hear me?


Approaching a long weekend at the office with Monday being a holiday, not many folks were in the office, including
the receptionist. Therefore, several of us took turns at the front desk answering the phones. Even at my own desk from time to time I get random phone calls where the caller immediately unleashes a long drawn out story about their given situation before they even tell me their name, or give me time to ask who they are wishing to speak with. This unleashing is even more apparent and animated at the front desk when an individual stops by in person, which is why today, as I played the role of receptionist for a few hours, I realized I needed to be very self-aware of my facial expressions and body language.

After answering several phone calls and listening to the caller, I asked myself, “Why do people feel the need to tell their story to me, the receptionist?” Some of the calls were entertaining, while others were just simply a call.  I am also weighing part of the conversations thinking whether their story is real, or am I hearing another excuse. I think my listening skills are dwindling, or else I am just becoming more callus.

As a society we do not listen very well, but when we have something to say we want others to listen. Listening in general has so many contradictions and assumptions that tag along with the premise.
For example:

  • We assume that because we are talking that someone is listening
  • We assume that if we what we are saying is important
  • We want someone to listen to us, but we are not always listening to them (or listening to their body language)
  • We believe that we heard someone say, was indeed what they did say
  • We think we’re listening, but later can not recall what the person said

Listening. I wonder what I have missed when I have not been listening. I wonder what useless trivia is in my brain when I have listened.  Is anybody else listening?

Peace & Frogs (do they have ears?)


Extra Features


If you have ever purchased a car, new or used, you probably checked it out pretty good before actually signing on the dotted line. Then, once you get it home, you pulled in the driveway and began to press ALL the buttons, adjust the mirrors, adjust the seating, check under the seats (no surprises later), and then got all the radio stations set to your favorites.

After all those adjustments and inspections, you have been driving that car for several months or longer and all of sudden you discover a feature you didn’t  realize the car had? That was me the other day, driving down the road when the unexpected  “feature” revealed itself. I found more truth.

I’m cruising down the highway (minding the speed limit), and realized I needed a tissue (pollen season). My left hand tightly gripping the steering wheel, my body slightly leaning over, and my right hand reaching for the tissue box in the passenger side floorboard.


The steering wheel began to move!!!

Holy Crap!

I thought, it’s going to fall out in my lap. I quickly threw my body back into perfect position behind the wheel, and was able to move the steering wheel forwards and backwards.

To my chagrin, I realized that the car has a “telescoping steering wheel”.

Who knew?

Certainly not me!

Once my heart rate steadied to a reasonable pace I was able to laugh about the whole incident and be thankful for another luxury feature of the car.  I presumed that in giving LaToya (my pet name for the car) a good cleaning a few weeks ago I must have hit the down lever for the telescoping bar and had not put enough pull pressure on until reaching for the tissue.

Note to self: When checking out the next car I purchase turn my head upwards after checking under the seats to view the steering wheel options that may be available on the car.

Peace & Frogs & Features


Fortune Shoe


It’s Monday and I found a fortune in my shoe. It was not the monetary kind of fortune. It was a fortune cookie fortune. I thought for a moment about what this could mean. I am not sure I know of any urban legends about finding a fortune in your shoe. I have always heard that when your ear is itching someone is talking about you, or when your hand is itching your coming into money, or when the smoke from the chimney is flowing towards the ground it’s going to snow the next day.

Since I am not sure what this will inevitably mean, finding a fortune in my shoe;  I will share what the fortune forecasts. “Welcome the change coming soon into your life.” I wonder though, if the change will actually come through my shoe or foot (the left foot)?  Should I look forward to new pair shoes, a pedicure, a road less traveled that I will hike upon? I guess expecting to find money in my shoe may be too obvious.

In any case I am not sure how the fortune got in my shoe, but I will accept it as serendipity and wait for the revelation.


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Peace & Fortunate Frogs